About Brian & Toby

Father and son team, based in Little Clacton, we use top quality paint and materials, neat and tidy, fully insured, trustworthy and friendly, and punctual. Brian- I all my working life been involved in painting, in one form or another, I’ve spent 40 plus years painting car, trucks, planes, caravans, you name it if it’s got paint on it I’ve painted it.

All be it with a spray gun, now painting people’s property same rules apply but different application method roller or brush. The masking up that is sometimes needed in decorating, I for detail is the same. Toby- my son Toby that I have taught, is the same as me eye for detail and we enjoy what we do, and we care.


A happy satisfied customer makes our job worthwhile. We also carry out maintenance work as well.

  • Soffit and fascia,
  • Replace or clean guttering and conservatory cleaning,
  • Putting up shelves,
  • Tiling we even erect and fit fences.
  • Indoor outdoor painting and decorating
  • Wallpaper hanging
  • Shed painting
  • Fitting blinds
  • Curtain pools
  • Fence Painting
  • Wall Boarding



I have all my working life been involved in painting in one form or another. I spent 40 yrs painting cars and big commercial vehicles, I have painted caravans aeroplanes boats even washing machines, you name it I have applied paint to it, all be it swooping a spray gun for a roller or brush, now painting people’s property same rules apply different application method. The masking and preparation are the same the eye for detail is the same.


My son Toby, I have taught him to be the same, eye for detail and he is particular like me and we both care, a happy customer makes our job worthwhile, we always aim to deliver a nice clean finished result, at a reasonable price, always use top quality materials and don,t cut corners. If you hire us to do your decoration we always deliver.